Chelcey Investment

Chelcey Invest Investments has been in the forefront of Sri Lanka's financial services industry.

The Company is an absolute trail-blazer in the financial services industry in Sri Lanka specializing in a wide range of innovative financial solutions. Long-term allocation of funds to carry an investment idea through to it's stable-income generation stage. A viable investment project aims at achieving a profitable return that ensures, timely payment of interest and principal, attractive return on the invested capital, and positive and consistent cash flows.

The Company's consistent financial performance over the years has enabled Chelcey Investments to possess this strong capital structure and retain its position as a financially strong institution in all facets of the business. All of the Company's successes have been achieved based on the foundations of Chelcey Investments strong fundamentals and stability wrought over many years of exemplary governance and adherence to good ethics.

No 35, Dewala Road, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Tel : 0112 829 929 | Fax 0112 829 929
Email: admin@chelceyholdings.com