Director's Message

"My story is everyman's story. Values from heart, middle class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as a mean of setting ahead a conviction that life blessed me … that is the passion to bring the best of Ceylon tea and to be of service to others.

Our vision is to create a difference in your tea drinking habit … to make a mundane everyday habit such as making a cup of tea in to something great that you look forward to everyday.

Chelcey holding is something beyond a company. My team is consists of handpicked individuals who are dedicated to their own contribution to the company. They get work done in nimble units with high spirits, flair, instinct, intelligence and team effort to give each of our tea drinkers a smooth tea experience

The health of my consumers is what is the most important as we regulate strict and meticulous hygienic standards. Whether after the luscious greens are plucked or when it's delivered, appropriate method is always incorporated

There are a lot of companies who do what we do .They show the same what and how but our partners and customers know why and who. We are the tea makers with a business sense and creative instinct set out to connect people who matters most – our customers whether from Russia , Ukraine , Europe ,Sri Lanka , or the middle east ."